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"We bought the BoPil Mobile Boar Cart and made the aisles narrower.Therefore, the barn was €25.000 cheaper to build"

Michael Roemer, Gønderupgaard, Northern Denmark

BoPil Mobile Boar Cart can run in both directions in the corridors in front of the sows. The cart is articulated and comes easily around corners and has adjustable windows for the boar on both sides and doors in front and behind. The boar cart is a strong stainless steel construction.

You control the vehicle using a small remote control that can be hung around the neck, leaving your hands free to stimulate and inseminate

BoPil Mobile Boar Cart gives you the following advantages:

"I can only recommend BoPil Mobile Boar Cart. Saves time, good pacing, good working environment and uniformity ..."
Michael Bosebjerg