Farrowing pen

BoPil has two different farrowing pens for loose sows: "BeFree" and "45":


A revolutionating pen with multiple functions:

The BeFree farrowing pen has been re-developed and has now even better layout and functions to save work hours. 
The sows behaviour and general health approves both before, during and after farrowing as she is allowed more freedom for natural behaviour and thereby gets better litter results.

  Be Free2
  • All main tasks can be done from the aisle - eases the workload in the stabel
  • Appropriate lying bhaviour for the sow in the middle of the pen 
  • The sow can be fixated and released with a one-hand handle 
  • The handle/grid ensures protection of the piglets and personel, when the sow is loose
  • very large, insulated cage for the piglets - accessible from the aisle 
  • Flexible sizes: 220-240 cm in width and 250-280 cm in depth
  Be Free3

BeFree is being tested at Siljebjerggaard, Denmark, where 10 farrowing pens are being tested in cooperation with the Danish swine research center, VSP. Read more and arrange vistit here


Be Free Hule LukketBe Free Hule Åben Fra Siden

Be Free Hule ÅbenBe Free1






  • Good access and overview from the aisle
  • Adjustable length and width 
  • Opening and closing th epen can be done without getting in contact with the sow
  Combibox Åben
  • 45 degree angle gives the piglets evenly spaced room for sucking 
  Combibox Lukket
  • Dimensios: 2,2 x 2,5 = 5,5 m2
  • Wall height by the aisle: 50 cm.
  • Cage is accessible from the aisle 
  Combibox Klimahule