Transponder Feeding – Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF)

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We take the liberty to claim that electronic sow feeding - ESF - is the simplest way to feed your sows.

Your sows receive individual or group phase feeding and the best body condition. You get a feeding system, which will ultimately ensure a higher income compared to other feeding systems.

BoPil delivers a 100% reliable solution in stainless material with very long life and minimal maintenance.

BoPil ESF provides you a range of advantages:

Optimized ESF feeding increase sows body condition at farrowing, increases milk yield and birth weight of piglets while saving money for you. 

BoPil has several different ESF transponders depending on your needs:

ESF8® is the newest solution. It gives the farmer the possibility to have shared selection with an integrated scale, and it has wireless technology, which can remote control the functions of the station via app on smartphone/tablet.

ESF7 ® L, which is BoPil’s best-selling model and fits into virtually all holdings. ESF ® 7 L is high quality at a competitive price.

ESF7 ® XL is available with and without selection.

ESF7 ® M is the smallest model, which is suitable for smaller and stable weekly groups.

Contact BoPil and learn how you can get an optimal transponder solution on your farm.