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Choose between two different scales: "Optima" (made of stainless steel) and "Light" (made of aluminium).


The electronic scale is very easy to move around in the barn. The weight is moved around in the barn horizontally – supported by 3 wheels.
The animals go into the weight without hesitation as it has open sides. The low entrance step makes the scale ideal for both piglets and finishers. 


"I'm really happy I bought the scale. I don't waste time trying to get the pigs to go onto it as they don't mind because it is so open and bright. And then it is really practical that I too can walk straight through it. Then it is not in the way even on the really narrow aisles"
Esben Tyschsen, Southern Denmark



The scale is made of aluminium and is therefore very light to move around. It weighs the animal very precise, even with restless animals. It hasnon-slip floor, and the front gate can be managed with a handle, so that one person alone can weigh the animals. The scale is easy to move aorund the stable with two large rubber wheels and handles, so that it moves like a wheelbarrow. Aluvægt1

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