BoPil A/S provides solutions for agriculture

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Since 1991, BoPil A/S specializes in consulting and delivering solutions for agriculture.
We offer a wide range of well tested products and we can provide you with the most optimal, cost-effective and future-proof solution.

Reliability and Customer Service
Reliable solutions are everything to the farmer and therefore we train our customers to use the products.
We prioritize customer service and our focus is on you - the customer. Our service team is nationwide and ready to move out quickly.

Advice from start to finish
We provide advice, ideas and reliable, cost-effective solutions and help you through your project from start to finish. Use BoPil's competence and extensive experience to ensure that you get the right solution - optimally adapted to your needs.

BoPil A/S
DK-6470 Als
Tel: +45 74407025
Bank: Sydbank
CVR 18477688