SpotHorse - Intelligent feeding and straw systemSpothorse Udfodring Og Strø

SpotHorse gives you an automated feeding system, where you decide how often, how much and which mixture of feed each individual horse should have. Feeding curves, mixture and frequency are all online (with access code). This means that all who needs access to this information can get access and thereby control feeding status of each of their horses.

Other advantages of SpotHorse:

Save up to 80% on feed consumption

Riding instructor trainees get a better workplace with less stable work

Vet visit caused by feeding errors are minimized

24/7 online webcam gives multiple options for shifts, private control, etc. 

SpotHorse can also be combined with automated strawing system:

Save up to 60% of your time

Eases physical work and minimizes dust

Each horse owner can decide ration and type of straw for his or her horse