Our Values, Mission and Vision 

At BoPil, our Mission is that animals and humans alike thrive and perform optimally. 

We believe that through our Values of providing the right care, feeding, nourishment and management our customers, partners and ourselves get the best economical yield, high satisfaction , ethics and good karma

Our Vision is to decrease the costs of production, get a higher profit from new market opportunities and get a higher brand value through competent, energetic and loyal employees.

In connection with our mission, vision and values, we have the following Goals:

We live and breathe for the performance and the well being of animals, hence - animal performance - in the BoPil logo. However, animals only perform optimally if the humans around them perform positively. Thus, our customers, suppliers, partners, the world around us and we as employees are conceived within same the mission, values and vision. 

We deliver long-lasting solutions – with regards to technology as well as trend and legislation. We shun self-complacency, aim to be farsighted and always clearly state our point of view. Our goal is long-term stability, meaning that our surroundings can always count on us.  

Welcome to BoPil - animal Performance