Should I choose roughage station or feeding station or both?
It depends on the horses, your business and horse owners' attitudes and needs. The optimum is always a feeding station, roughage stations with individual feeding and straw hurdles for free access to roughage.

What is the main difference between having horses in a normal stable and in an ActiveHorse® stable?
Freedom for horse owners and horse welfare.

Does it take a lot of space?
No, It takes approximately the same area as that of a traditional barn. The sleeping hall will be min. 8 m2 per big horse and paddock approx. 100 m2. We recommend that you make the sleeping hall slightly larger than the law requires.

Are there increased risk of injury with ActiveHorse® stable?
Horses, which normally spend a lot of time in the box and are not used to being together with other horses in a group, do get a higher risk of injuries when they are put together with other horses, because of an accumulated amount of energy. Horses, which are used to being in a group, do not have a heightened risk of injuries. 

Suitable for all the horses?
Basically yes. But normally you can't have stallions in an ActiveHorse® stable.

Can I use ActiveHorse® for horses used for competition?
Yes. Horses, which are trained a lot, need to be able to move naturally to become strong. The horse's musculoskeletal system requires blood circulation to recover muscles, joints and tendons after exercise; this is inefficient when the horse is standing still. 
A horse’s ability to adapt to the environment is considerably better than most people think. When there for example are no horses in the most Northern parts of Sweden it is because it is too cold for grass to grow there – not that it is too cold for the horses.

My mare ranks high in the flock and scares other horses - what do I do?
Make sure to have individual feeding of concentrates as well as roughage.
What do I do if a horse gets sick?
Remember to make a sick box in the plant.

How long does it take to get a horse to understand how feeding stations work?
Most horses learn it very fast. On average they learn it on 5-7 days. Horses that are afraid of transportation often take slightly longer, but when they learn to use the station, they are often not afraid of transportation anymore.

If I need service, help with my computer or spare parts - what do I do?
Contact BoPil Horse Hotline. We can via the internet access your computer and thereby solve the problems as if we were there with you. It is an advantage to make a BoPil Horse Fast Service membership. Then BoPil makes sure that your plant gets checked regularly. Contact us on tel. +45 74 40 70 25.