Does ActiveHorse® fit my horses?

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ActiveHorse® fits almost all kinds of horse keeping. The ActiveHorse® concept will always fit a part of your horse keeping. Often owners start with having their own horses in an ActiveHorse® stable, and later add boarding horses.

Below are the most significant benefits for different kinds of horse keeping:

Riding schools and facilities with rental horses, for example for tourists

Riding schools and facilities with rental horses often have a harmonic group of calm horses, which are safe to ride no matter how much experience the rider has. Many riding schools have a tight economy. These can advantageously establish an ActiveHorse® stable which will reduce the running costs of the school significantly – for a riding school with 25 horses the savings can be several tens of thousands GBP. You can make better use of your employees' labor in the periods in which there are many riders to teach or guide. In addition, the horse's musculoskeletal system will be strengthened by the fact that they are allowed to move freely during the recovery period. They typically carry inexperienced riders, and have to compensate for their lack of balance. 


Young horses learn faster than older horses, so you can advantageously establish an ActiveHorse® facility as a breeder. In this way, you can control the right amount of feed for each foal and young horse right from birth, and at the same time, the horses strengthen their joints, tendons and muscles when they are constantly moving around the facility.

Riding masters

After training, the young horses can relax in an ActiveHorse® facility, where they are social with other horses and get individually adapted amounts of food. Here the waste products in their muscles are excreted faster, because they move more.

Boarding horses

For many horse owners housing in stalls is the only right thing. This attitude may be because they have never tried keeping their horses in a facility like ActiveHorse®, where horses are fed according to their individual needs. It is our experience, that if you have tried an ActiveHorse® facility, you will continue with that – both for your own and the horse’s sake. Horse owners get much more quality time with the horses. In Europe, there are several examples of newly built ActiveHorse® facilities, which have been established to meet boarders’ wishes and needs.

Pens for Icelandic horses

Pens are the most common way of keeping Icelandic horses. With feeding stations from ActiveHorse® feeding can be individualized and optimized.

Professional competition horses – trot, canter, dressage, jumping etc.

When competition horses are off training and competition, they need to rest and just be horses. Horses, which are intensively trained to deliver their utmost, strengthen their muscles, tendons and joints by constantly being able to move around freely. Horses recuperate faster when they can move around, relax the muscles and excrete lactic acid and other waste from the training.

The only disadvantage by keeping competition horses in an ActiveHorse® facility is that they become dirty. The facility is not suited for stallions, and account must be taken to prevent infection and sick horses in quarantine.

Hobbyhorses – the mixed bunch

Hobbyhorses often consist of a retired competition mare, which is now used for breeding, a couple of young horses, a new competition mare, the kids’ first Shetland pony and perhaps a competition pony. An ActiveHorse® facility is well suited for such a mixed bunch, as all horses can get exactly the amount of food they need.