Buildings etc. in an ActiveHorse® stable


Resting and sleeping hallBygning Thommysminde

The hall must be spacious and preferably, with multiple entrances, at least one on each long side and preferably sheltered from the prevailing wind direction. Area requirement is minimum 8-10 m2 per. adult horse, but you would benefit from making the hall a little bigger. Sleeping area is covered with shavings or other suitable material, which can be replaced a couple of times a year.

Many already have a machine room or other large building that can easily be converted into a resting and sleeping hall. And despite the offer of a roof over your head, you will find that the horses are most often found in the open, even in very bad weather.

Contact BoPil Horse and see examples of halls and prices or let us calculate what the hall of your dreams cost to set up.

Roof and concrete foundation for feeding stations

Feeding stations should be placed on a concrete foundation and be covered with a roof to ensure dry, delicious food for the horses. Only your imagination sets the limits for the design and appearance of the roof and possible walls of the feeding stations. The design can be simple and functional or you can choose to create stunning and eye-catching buildings and charming structures that naturally fits into the surroundings at your place. Contact us at +45 70 40 70 25 for more information on concrete foundations and inspiration for the cover.


The appearance of fences means a lot for the overall impression of the facility. Some choose a power fence; others prefer wood - natural colored or white painted. Another possibility is a maintenance-free fence of metal or plastic. The choice is yours! Of course, you can get inspiration, guidance and prices from BoPil Horse.

The grooming area

This building needs to be heated, light and friendly and have water and electricity installed. Here you can care for your horse before and after exercise and it is also here that the horse is shod or being checked by the vet. There must be storage for the saddles and all other equipment for the horses. It is also here that the computer, which controls the feeding stations, are located. In this way, all horse owners have access to the computer and can via password adjust feed allocation for their own horse. The grooming area is often in connection with the resting and sleeping hall or with a possible indoor riding arena.

A grooming area costs approx. 5-6000 DKK per. m2.


The movable parts of the feeding stations are operated with compressed air. The compressor can be placed outdoors. A compressor costs from 2000 DKK.