Quality and care for horses and people is in the detail

There are other facilities from other vendors, which are confusingly similar to an ActiveHorse® stable. A review and comparison of different functions, however, quickly shows that there are indeed significant differences between the facilities. When you have to choose either one or the other provider of automated feeding stations, you have to decide what you prioritize. Is it the purchase price here and now or do you prioritize a reliable system that you and any employees / boarders are comfortable using and which, in the long run, give you a future-proof housing facility that is well thought out and tested?

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Advantage – personal safety

Very good space at the head of the horse in the stations

There is lots of space in the feeding stations, and the horses have especially good space to move their heads at the trough or roughage butt in the stations. The ample space makes it safe for the person who has to teach new horses to enter the feeding station. This is particularly relevant when you have large groups of horses, where horses are continuously replaced. Ample space in the stations provide good and safe working conditions for the people who are responsible for introducing new horses in the stable system.

Wireless remote control

With a wireless remote control, you can control all the functions in the feeding stations, that is, entrance, exit, feed allocation, cast arm, sorting to the right or left at the exit, and so on. Usually it is easy teaching new horses to use the feeding stations. If you have a gorse that needs a little extra help, you will find that the remote control is a priceless helper. The remote control ensures a good and safe work environment.

Advantage – horse welfare, calm horses, minimizing injuries

The entrance door is completely closed, when a horse is eating in the station

The closed rubber entrance door stops other horses from entering the feeding station. This means no horse can get its head into the station and possibly bite the horse that is eating or disturb in other ways. The horse in the feeding station can eat in peace. This is especially important for new horses in the facility. The calm atmosphere in an Active Horse ® stables improves nutrient uptake for all horses in the facility.

Safe and reliable chip reading at the feeding stations

The two antennas on each side of the reading area makes it easy to electronically identify the horse at the station - whether the horse turns his head to the left or right.

Long exit area 

The long exit area prevents horses from the outside to disturb the horse in the station. There is no hustle or anxiety when a horse leaves the station

Always split entry and exit doors

No matter whether it is the entry or exit door, or a return door from a pasture, the doors and gates in an ActiveHorse® stable are always split in two. If a door or gate is not split, and only suspended in one side, there is a risk that a smart horse will learn how to open the door from the outside, and this way gain entry to the feeding station. The greatest risk is if a horse learns to enter a feeding station through the exit door, as this can cause great damage to both horse and equipment. The two-piece doors and gates in an Active Horse ® stables exclude such problems.

Arm to motivate horse to exit the feeding station

Active Horse ® feeding stations all have an arm that by means of sounds and touch gently motivate the horse to leave the station, if it remains in the station when feeding is completed. The entrance door opens only when the arm is back in place after use. This means that the feeding area in the station is always empty before the next horse will have access to the feeding station. This makes it safe to go into the station, for horses with low rank in the herd. The arm can of course be disabled if you have a horse that is not fond of touch on the rear.

Concentrate trough

The trough in the concentrate feeding station will only swing out, if the horse has not yet had its full daily ration. The horses understand quickly whether they get to feed or not. If the trough does not swing out when the horse has entered into the concentrate feeding station, then it will not be fed and the horse goes out. There is no risk that the horse is standing and waiting and for example starts kicking. The trough provides good food hygiene as all feed dosed in the trough and not on the floor.

No electrical power in stations

The stations are designed and constructed so that there is no need to use electricity, for example at the entry and exit doors.

Advantage - the daily operation and total economic

IT software from Microsoft incl. Internet connection

It is easy to use the future-proof IT system that comes with easy to understand and simple instructions. All events in the facility are recorded and can be followed, for example number of visits to stations, feeding status, etc. There is access to the IT system via the Internet, smartphones and tablets, and this means that you can follow the daily lives of your horses, even while on holiday abroad.

Hotline service and internet online service

BoPil has two people who are always ready to help you and give advice, by either e-mail, telephone and / or Skype. We can remotely control your Active Horse® IT - system and control all functions of the facility.

Questions about horse management, economy and management

BoPil, together with our partners, has many years of experience in horse welfare and Active Horse® stables. BoPil deliver services throughout Scandinavia and has equestrian professionals employed in Denmark and Sweden to provide the best possible advice to clients.

Service agreement

At BoPil, you automatically get a fixed service agreement. It is an advantage for you as BoPil during the first year visits you twice a year, and because you can regularly contact BoPil if you need advice or guidance. After the first year, the fixed service continues with annual visits.


There is a 2-year warranty on all equipment in an Active Horse ® stable facility.

You can safely choose BoPil as your supplier

BoPil has the highest financial rating, AAA. The company has been around for more than 20 years and cooperate with competent partners in Denmark and abroad.